hotel management

Hotel Management

In 2015 DPG Partners LLC formed a new management company called DPG Hotels LLC to manage hotel assets owned by DPG Partners & other third party owners.   DPG Hotels are recognized as market leaders in the communities they serve.  The spirit of servanthood and hospitality guides DPG Hotels. 

DPG measures success based on clear measurable data such as STR reports and guest surveys that measure guest satisfaction and loyalty scores (SALT).  Additionally, DPG Hotels works with its brand partners to ensure exemplary Quality Assurance (QA) Metrics are exceeded daily.  We believe our properties should rank #1 or #2 in the markets we serve in terms of occupancy and average daily rate (ADR). 

The Principals at DPG Hotels and property management meet regularly to discuss goals for the quarter and year and find ways in which DPG Hotels can assist the managers in achieving their goals.   Specific action plans are created to work on specific areas of concern or opportunities to exceed their goals.

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